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Coffee cupping competition of the DRC: “Almacena Platform” in partnership with ONAPAC organize the 1st edition in Goma

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The first edition of the coffee cupping competition of the Democratic Republic of Congo took place in Goma on Saturday, July 23, 2022 organized by the representation in East Africa of the Dutch structure called “Almacena Platform” in partnership with the Office National des Produits Agricoles du Congo (ONAPAC), Sector of Goma.

This coffee cupping competition which had 9 cooperatives compete for its first edition, had among other objectives the aim to connect these cooperatives to the international market. These Congolese coffee producers get the chance to digitalize their services globally promoting the export of specialty coffee from the DRC appreciated throughout the world.

During this colorful ceremony, in his speech, Jean-Chrysostome Djakemela, Director of the sector of Goma of ONAPAC, emphasized how this action also aimed to stimulate producers to work well in all phases of production. From planting to storage, harvest, production and processing should maintain the standard so as to have a more attractive sale. By controlling this, it is ensured that the offer of their coffee to the international customers is of quality and made in DRCongo.

Jean-Bosco Aganze, Representative of Almacena Platform in East Africa said that the criteria for the proclamation of the best coffee producers was based on the physical and roasted aspects, the liquor, the good flagrance, the flavor and aroma in harmony, the short and sweet aftertaste, the acidity, the dominant fruitiness, the sweetness, the balance, the cleanliness, the uniformity…

The results were awarded by the judges composed of Q-Graders of Muungano and ONAPAC. These judges examined the coffee of the agricultural cooperatives and gave the description of the sensory analysis of the cup as well as the different values assigned during raw analysis and cup inspection. .

“The first three winners who are respectively there cooperative Solidarity for the Promotion of Coffee Actions and Integral Development (SOPACDI) with a SCA cup scoring of 86. The agricultural cooperative Tujenge Kivu with a SCA cup score of 85 and the agricultural cooperative Olame which scored 84. These cooperatives have directly benefited from the purchase of their coffee at a good price. This competition brought together the cooperatives that produce quality arabica coffee in Kivu, who have been also utilizing specialty coffee washing stations.

We connect them to global markets, create profiles to render themselves and their products visible. Within our digital platform we also create partnerships for the best promotion of their coffee and increase the opportunity for them to have a higher income for their work. Almacena Platform therefore promotes the traceability of operations from harvest to sale” added Jean-Bosco Aganze who represents Almacena Platform in 6 African countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania.

It should also be noted that “Almacena Platform” which was founded and represented globally by Mr. Dimo Yanchev. It is present in 7 African countries and 11 European countries, with its headquarters in Amsterdam, Holland.

In addition to market access, Almacena Platform aims at the growth and development of the coffee sector in The DRC by advocating for a comprehensive work to pre-finance, produce and sell traceable lots through the use of the digital application “Almacena Origin App”. Almacena facilitates all secure transactions through the trade execution dashboard where buyers can directly interact with producers at the origin.

Joachim Munganga, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the coffee cooperative “SOPACDI” who won the first place called on his fellow producers to focus on quality by increasing production because the demand remains high.

“On the same occasion, I announce that the Arabica coffee of Kivu produced by SOPACDI was recognized and proclaimed last June 3rd best coffee in the world in Milan, Italy. I symbolically hand over the trophy obtained in Milan to the Director of ONAPAC Goma sector as a sign to show the Congolese state the work we do is appreciated and accepted in the world.”


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